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  • Madonna of Chancellor Rolin

    BY: Jan van Eyck 1435

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Help! Thanksgiving and Large Families

 As the Thanksgiving holiday approaching two things come to mind, food and large family gatherings. To me, food sounds good. I like all the food. But the family portion can be a bit overwhelming. If you are like me, you tend to dread the holidays more than enjoy them. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a … Continue reading

The Battle of Lexington (Short Story) Chapter 2

It seemed to Ben he had just closed his eyes when Robert was shaking him awake. “Come on, most of the militia are in the commons. John wants us to form up there.” The commons was a large open field on the edge of town where the citizens of Lexington could meet together for festivals … Continue reading

I have a real emergency and the ER is crowded!

 The Emergency Room. Visiting the ER can be a wonderful experience if you enjoy sitting for hours suffering while you wait for a room to open up so that the doctor can see you. Hour after hour, some ER visits can turn into a day visit instead of a hour or two depending on the … Continue reading

The Battle of Lexington (Short Story) Chapter 1

“Ben…BEN…BEN!!!” Robert Monroe ran down the dirt road towards the farms’ small cottage hollering as loud as he could. Benjamin Parker was a twenty-three year old full grown man strong in the chest and arms that only working a plow and dealing with mules could build, not to mention all the other hard labor born … Continue reading

Honor to our Veterans

With Veterans Day this past week, I would like to take a minute to salute all the Veterans currently serving and all those that have served in the past, to those that have given their lives, limbs, and minds to defend our freedoms! Most people go about their days not even thinking about what is … Continue reading

The Battle of Lexington (Short Story) Prolog

Prolog: The Old Man “Ms. Sanders, so good to see you again.”  “Officer Bradley, I see you brought another wayward child to the hospital. Does he also need to log some community service?” Nurse Elaine Sanders worked at a retirement home in the small town of Pocatello, Idaho. The home served as a drop off … Continue reading

Why do I need an Ipad?

With the Christmas season approaching, people are starting to contemplate what to get each other for Christmas. Black Friday is only a few weeks away. The iPad is starting to look like the top seller and a must have this year. With three million Pads sold within 80 days of its release and much more … Continue reading

The Man Card: Self Evaluation

            The infamous Man Card. A card given to men to keep in their wallet to prove that they are real men. When a man violates the unspoken rules of being a man, their manly friends have the right to ask for the card to revoke the man’s manliness for a time; a grounding of … Continue reading