Why do I need an Ipad?

With the Christmas season approaching, people are starting to contemplate what to get each other for Christmas. Black Friday is only a few weeks away. The iPad is starting to look like the top seller and a must have this year. With three million Pads sold within 80 days of its release and much more expected to sale before this season ends, many people are going to find this gizmo under their tree. 

However, I wonder what is the use of the iPad? Granted I do not own an iPad and have never used one, but I have done a l0t of research and have not been sold on why it is such an amazing device. Why should I spend $500 or more on one? 

The commercials I see for the iPad are marketing the device as an advanced eReader that can play music, movies, and games. With over 200,000 applications for the iPod that are compatible on the iPad one asks what can’t the iPad do? This is where I ask why are we comparing the iPad to an eReader? The Kindle reads books. The iPad is not an eReader, so of course it has more it can do. Just like a SUV can do more than a car. They are similar products, they both drive but one has more power, room inside, and clearance that a car just does not and therefore has more it can do, but it also costs more. The same goes for the iPad vs. an eReader. The iPad can read books just like an eReader but it has more power and room for additional programs, but it is not a truck either.

A truck has a bed and more power than a SUV, but not as much room. This is comparable to a Windows tablet, like the HP 500 Tablet. Again, a similar product, they both can read books, play music, movies, and a ton of other applications, but the HP 500 has a full OS for the user to interface with. Windows allows a user to run multiple applications at one time, use Flash when browsing the internet, and have access to Microsoft Office programs. A tablet is more of a workhorse than the iPad. So then I ask why are we comparing Windows tablets to iPads when they are designed for different things?

We are comparing trucks to SUVs to cars. They are all similar, but rated and critiqued under different categories. It is all based on user preference. The problem is that these are such new devices (except for the eReaders) that no one knows what to classify them as. Unlike the auto industry where first we had cars, then a while later came trucks, then a long time after that came SUVs, the eReader/Windows Tablet/large screen PDA (iPad) market have come right on top of each other and there is nothing else to compare them to except each other. So of course the iPad is better than an eReader, and the Windows tablet (might not be better according to some) can do different things than the iPad.

Then we come back to the original problem. Can someone please tell me what the iPad is good for? All I can find are arguments of why the iPad is better than Windows tablets and eReaders or reviews of why the Windows tablets are so much better than an eReader and iPad. Me, I am siding with the HP 500 tablet because I work in Windows and I want something that can use Word to take notes while I’m in school then be able to access the internet and play games when I’m bored at work (I work slow graveyards). The HP 500 Tablet is more expensive but it is more of a workhorse and the iPad seems to be more of a big screened PDA for entertainment. If someone can correct me I would love to get an iPad as its OS is better suited to a touch screen. Please let me know.

2 Responses to “Why do I need an Ipad?”
  1. Gerald says:

    Yea… me too ! Let me know too before I buy it for my wife for Christmas and find out it’s not all it’s cracked up to be… Please let me know your final assessment.


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