Help! Thanksgiving and Large Families

 As the Thanksgiving holiday approaching two things come to mind, food and large family gatherings. To me, food sounds good. I like all the food. But the family portion can be a bit overwhelming. If you are like me, you tend to dread the holidays more than enjoy them.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of giving thanks for all the bounty that we have. Instead of thanksgiving I am thanks-less. To me large family get-togethers mean two things, dishes and drama!

All that food has to be cooked. So not only do we slave in the kitchen all day getting the meal ready for 20 people but then you have to spend all night cleaning up the mess! It is really hard to be thankful when everyone is taking a nap except the few people willing to help clean.

Drama! Need I say more? This family member is doing this, can’t you be more like them, who invited those people. Ugh!

In my opinion we need to find better ways to spend Thanksgiving. So this year my wife and I decided to do something nontraditional. We are staying home! We are going to cook a small meal, just enough for the two of us and our daughter. Less food = less mess. Staying home doesn’t eliminate the drama but it does minimize it. We get the dirty looks from extended family when we announced that we were not coming. But the good news is Thanksgiving Day won’t have any.

We don’t have to worry about anything. It will be so nice. My wife and I are now actually looking forward to Thanksgiving and we will be thankful instead of pulling our hair out!


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